Skype Concert

This was written by Tracy Rose ALCM, online piano teacher who staged a concert which included her remote students from around the world.

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Skype Concert

My remote Skype piano students play live
alongside students in the venue.



As a classroom music teacher and private piano teacher in a big International School, a Christmas Student Concert and usually a Summer Student Concert too, were always highlights of the year.

I must have staged 30 or more student concerts over the years but since leaving the school less than a year ago to become a full time piano teacher, I was keen to stage a concert for my wonderful students.

But how do include my students who I teach exclusively through Skype, who live all over the world?

Without exception, I teach all of my students through Skype. About half of those students live close enough have a face-to-face lesson once a month when I travel to visit them. Not a problem for them to travel to my small town to a hired venue to perform in a concert. The rest live in Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, India, UK… a bit too far to travel but they could not be excluded.

I designed a plan whereby my remote students could perform alongside my other students, live in the venue and so the Skype Concert was conceived.

Skype Concert -piano lessons online, Tracy Rose ALCM


Above is the plan I devised (click to see a full sized version).


It would be no different for my Skype students at home to simply perform their piece as if they were having a regular Skype piano lesson with me.


Everything worked perfectly!

The whole concert was webcast live so my students performing by Skype could follow the concert. Friends and family around the world could watch the concert too.

When it was their turn to perform, I simply dialled them up on Skype and with my computer connected to a projector and sound system, so the audience in the venue could watch and hear them perform.

The concert was attended by friends and family of the 20 students who performed live in venue, with 155 people watching the live webcast.

I’m already planning another concert for the Summer where my students will be performing their own compositions, some in the venue, some live through Skype, as part of a Songwriting Summer School which will also include some of my Skype students.

Click the image of the programme below to see everyone involved and click here to go to the concert page on my website to see photo galleries and more information about the event.

Skype Concert Program - Music-Lessons-Anywhere Tracy Rose piano lessons online



Come and join me for a free trial lesson and get involved with not only piano lessons, but also performing in student concerts, wherever you are in the world!

Tracy Rose ALCM


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May 18, 2014