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I look back with fond memories to a time when there were no web search engines and I kept a notebook of interesting websites to visit. I would browse them on my dial-up internet connection between teaching my piano lessons.

That was in the early 1990s and I would never have imagined what the internet was going to turn into and through it, I would be teaching, live piano lessons to students from different cultures… piano lessons Riyadh!


My love for music began when I started playing the piano at the age of six, quickly working through the ABRSM Exam Grades while at school. I was hooked and knowing that this is where my life should be, went on to study piano with world renowned teachers at the London College Of Music (UK). It became my mission to spread the word and to teach piano professionally. Since fulfilling my dream I have worked in schools, taught privately, worked for the local government’s Manchester Music Services (UK) visiting and teaching in various schools, worked as a Secondary and Primary School Music Teacher, and have been head of a large music department which I created at an International School from its inauguration 13 years ago.

I have always been oversubscribed for piano lessons, with every spare moment at school filled with budding and enthusiastic students. I lived 2 hour’s drive away from the school so taking on more students at weekends was impossible. Then it dawned on me that I could tackle my never ending waiting list by teaching students from my home without their having to leave their homes by using the power of the internet! Fortunately by this time, things had speeded up a little since the days of my old dial-up connection and a wonderful thing called Skype had been invented, enabling live, real-time video links.

I spoke with one of my best students about trying out a lesson at the weekend through Skype. They were thrilled at the opportunity and to be pioneering this 21st century teaching technique. Saturday came and it was time for the big test. Both myself and my wonderful student could not believe the ease at which the lesson went, it was a dream! The only downside was that I was unable to give them a hug at the end of the lesson, so we settled for a virtual one instead.

That was two years ago and since then, teaching through Skype has only made me more and more confident in the technique. It was so successful that I opted to resign from the school and to teach full time from my home in the middle of the countryside. No longer did I have to travel the long distances to my place of work and my students didn’t need to lave their homes. Incidentally, I teach two sisters who live within walking distance from my house but they have opted for lessons through Skype early Saturday mornings, so they can stay at home don’t have to change out of their pyjamas!


Mayar, High Scorers Concert, Ateneo de Sevilla, 5 October 2013

A lot of my students just want to play purely for fun, but the majority work towards ABRSM exams the world renowned music exam board which runs exams in over 90 countries. Year in year out, my students’ exam results are consistently very high. This year my faith in remote teaching was given another boost when two of my Skype students attained the highest ABRSM exam marks possible. One of the two was asked to play and performed at the ABRSM Regional High Scorers Concert in Sevilla last month.

One of the most positive aspects of online teaching I have found is the focus it promotes.

There tends to be less distraction than face-to-face teaching, with less social banter during lesson time. Social chit chat is usually saved for the end, outside of lesson time, when I sometimes meet parents also, to talk about how the lesson has gone. I follow up with detailed lesson notes after every session, compiled around the strengths and weaknesses of the lesson and emailed to the student (and parents) straight away, so home practice sessions are more focussed. I found myself writing far more lesson notes for online teaching than I ever did with face-to-face lessons, partly because I have more time to do them, working outside of the hectic face-to-face schedule I was in and around as Head of Music at the school.


Ana, Victoria, Paula, piano lessons Riyadh


I have found students work better in their own environment. I still teach face-to-face lessons to some of my local students through home visits, usually as one or two lessons in a batch of four (the others being online lessons). Working from their own homes, the more nervous students are much more relaxed too. When I visit my students they can also see I’m not a cyborg in their computer, although by maintaining a sense of humour and fun during online lessons does help to dispel this misconception.

My experience with teaching students in Riyadh is exceptionally positive. Students taking piano lessons Riyadh are especially keen to learn and providing lessons online solves a lot of potential problems they might otherwise have in attending face-to-face lessons. I will be entering some students in Riyadh for ABRSM exams next year, at the British International School Of Riyadh.

I’m very much looking forward to staging my first student concert which will involve my remote students playing live, alongside the local students who will be playing in the auditorium. When its the remote students’ turns to play, we will connect as usual though Skype and their performances with be projected onto a screen on stage. The whole concert will be webcast live, so remote students will be able to watch the entire event. The web address for the webcast of the concert will be published on my website near or on the day of the event. Everyone, besides students, is invited to attend the concert without having to leave their homes!

My website MusicLessonsAnywhere.net will soon include a Facebook style area, exclusively for my students. Here they will be able to meet, chat, post pictures etc, and share in a community otherwise only available to face-to-face students.

If anyone would like to try an online piano lesson with me, I offer a free trial lesson, which is usually the way in for most of my students and involves a chat about what playing ability hey might already have (if any) and what they would like to learn to play. Above all, lessons are fun! Making learning fun is key to success!


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December 17, 2013