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I teach Jazz & Popular Voice, Jazz and Classical Piano and Songwriting.
I have Bachelor of Arts degree in Jazz and Composition and 8 years of Classical Background. I have extensive teaching (15 years), performing and recording experience in many countries and many awards as a singer, composer and pianist. My successful students perform in many well-know clubs in NYC and Los Angeles (“Blue Note”, “Jazz Standards” …), tour, record albums. I love all students and enjoy teaching beginners as well. All my students have good and fast results and a lot of fun during classes!


My Teaching Philosophy
I will teach you everything you need to know to become a great musician:

FOR VOICE: We will work on warm-up, breathing (based on chinese method chi yi and yoga method prana-yama), ear-training, range, projection, pitch, rhythm, sight-reading, relaxation techniques…. I will teach you many useful vocal exercises, how to be more in control of your voice and how to increase your vocal range. Classes are fun and you will feel amazing after each session 🙂
I will help you to build your repertoire and have confidence!
I teach all styles: jazz, pop, rock, r&b, country, music theater…
If you are a jazz fan, we’ll work on scat – vocal improvisation, jazz standards, blues and swing feeling and more!

FOR PIANO: Technique, scales, chords, arpeggios, many useful exercises, sight-reading, classical music, jazz and playing by ear + improvisation. I teach all styles: from classical to boogie woogie, blues, swing, bebop, funk, fusion, modern jazz, latin, bossa nova, ballads and of course pop, rock etc. etc. I will teach you how to accompany yourself. I will help you to understand theory and harmony, to develop your ear by practicing ear-training, your rhythm by practicing rhythmic and coordination ex-s. + body language for relaxation, swing feeling, improvisation and jazz touch for Jazz and so much more! We’ll play with records from the first class even if you never touched piano before! I will be happy to help you develop your ideas as a composer/songwriter. If you’ve never done that before and dream about being a composer/songwriter – I will teach you how to write music and lyrics. It is all FUN! Even my beginner-students just in a few lessons can play easy classical pieces and have fun playing blues, boogie-woogie and rock-n-roll tunes with records! Why not you?

FOR SINGERS-SONGWRITERS: I TEACH SONGWRITING AS WELL AND WILL HELP YOU TO BUILD YOUR LIST OF ORIGINAL SONGS FOR ALBUM/SHOWS/TOURING AND SO ON…I’m a finalist of Song of the Year and Unisong international songwriting competitions as well as finalist in jazz vocals in Las Vegas International Competition. And I’m Pro (B.A.) pianist.

If you want to sing and play your favorite tunes – take both: Voice and Piano and make your dreams come true!

I give A-m-a-z-i-n-g Rates !! Only for people who are passionate about music. I want to make it possible for all people to become creative and develop their musical abilities!

Only $50/h !

Take classes with the Teacher who will make you a great Singer and Pianist or Composer!
——————————————————————————– ~~~~ ALL LEVELS~~~

This is what my students say about classes:

NY students:

“Singing was always my dream, but I never thought I could actually SING. My teacher is helping me to discover my voice, find my individuality, expand my range. I had a lot of issues with the pitch and her approach to ear training is awesome. I practice at home and every week I get better. Her classes always inspire me!”

“Taking voice lessons with my teacher is such a fantastic experience! She’s so knowledgeable about her craft, teaches you about so much more than just your voice. Such a pleasure taking classes and to top it all off, when you meet her- it’s like talking to a friend you’ve known forever! Her positive energy is contagious, highly recommend her class! Can’t wait for the next class!!”

“My bandmates say I sound awesome. Thanks to classes!”

“Half a year ago I was just another dreamer in NYC. Today I have my band. I sing pop and rock covers and original songs. I play shows and plan to submit my demo to record companies this winter. Classes are changing my life.”

“Exercises are challenging but also fun. We laugh a lot and even the hardest ones I can handle! I struggled with depression and insecurity and was taking antidepressants for several years, but now I feel so much more confident and healthier. Breathing exercises are my most favorite part of the class. I never had the ability to relax until now. I rarely have anxiety. I have goals to become a touring musician, and I enjoy my preparation time 🙂 !”

“I’ve been taking jazz piano and jazz voice lessons for about a year. I learn improvisation and scat. I go to jam session once a week. I’m improving. I highly recommend my teacher.”

“Great system, strong technique, creative approach to exercises and tons of fun!”

“Absolutely amazing! My teacher is an incredible person who teaches me not only how to use my voice and breathe properly, but also how to be confident and believe in myself. She is always open to talk and help. She guides me not only in music and creativity, but also helps me in life and health and always inspires me to stay positive. Thanks to her I feel much better with my health and know more about nutrition. After every class I am full of energy to create and to show the world who I am. I am very thankful I met my teacher and I love our classes! Positive energy, lots of fun, great practice time full of motivation. I couldn’t wish for a better teacher.”

“I am not very good at writing, just want to say – I love my classes and look forward to every class, it became kind of a healthy addiction, lol. I learn a lot about music, music history, my voice, my emotions, and life itself. I feel my voice is getting stronger every class and I’m becoming much more confident as a person.”

“I love my voice and songwriting lessons so much! Now I can sing and my sinus infections are in the past. My teacher taught me how to project and breathe correctly and also suggested me variety of natural options to treat my health problems. I call my classes “music therapy”. It has so much more besides technique. And my songwriting also greatly improved!”

“I always look forward to my jazz piano lessons. I easily understand the theory and harmony now. I am probably the newest student as I take classes for three months only and already can play boogie woogie, blues, bebop and funk. Next style is bossa nova! Cant wait!”

“As much as I love my voice classes, my most favorite part of the class is songwriting. When I started taking classes I only knew how to write a little poetry and now five songs are done and in a few months I am going to have my first album! Love my teacher and recommend her classes to everyone!”

“My teacher rocks. The best teacher for me!”

“I know I’m not the best student. I’m late often. Sometimes I’m not prepared. When I start doubting myself, my teacher always helps me. It’s like she knows exactly what to say to make it all better. She truly believes that everyone has a special talent and deserves to be happy. I like that :)”

“Thanks for everything. It’s ironic that most impactful lessons weren’t even about music. Once I started to change my outlook on life, everything else just started to fall into place. Thank you for that! And thanks again – you are definitely great at what you do.”

“Thank you so much!! You’re the best music teacher I’ve ever had!”

L.A. students:

“I believe my teacher is a passionate teacher as I know she cares for my music’s success and success of her other students. She gives her best and she also expects students to be responsible about their work. She takes everybody’s progress on a personal level and helps students get over their insecurities and frustrations that might come during the learning process.”

“The lessons themselves are always challenging, but never too demanding, and I always leave with a sense of accomplishment.”

“My teacher has made a point of teaching me ear training, which no previous teacher has done. I feel that she is helping me to better understand music, not just produce sound.”

“When I started with my voice teacher, I had not sung for years, was recovering from a voice injury, and lacked confidence. For me confidence was the biggest issue and I knew from the first lesson that she was the right teacher for me — her personality is so warm and genuinely enthusiastic that I was immediately at ease.”

“I love my teacher! My favorite exercises are body language and rhythm-improv.”

“I’m confident enough that I can actually create and feel music in a way that I’ve never been able to before. My teacher inspires and encourages me to find my own voice through the musical medium. Her wisdom and what I’ve experienced and learned from her has extended into my life, which has made me an even more inspired and motivated actress and human being.”

“I know that she teaches because she truly loves music, sharing music, and helping others grow through music. In my very stressful life, her lessons often seem like a calm spot in the storm.”

“I learned so many things from taking piano classes with my teacher. It was such a wonder experience finally learning how to play the piano. Her warm and intelligent energy made the experience that much memorable. I learned things that I will take with me for the rest of my life. My teacher is a unique and precious gem and the world needs more people like her.”

VISIT FOR DETAILS: musicyogastudiony.wixsite.com/classes

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