Tomo's Skype guitar lessons

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Tomo's Skype guitar lessons

Skype guitar lessons. First 30 min lesson is FREE!

For beginner, intermediate or advanced level players of all styles from Pop to Blues to Metal.

Tons of free high quality backing tracks to play along with.

Learn all techniques from basic strumming to advanced hybrid picking, tapping, slap, modern legato or fast alternate picking.

Learn how to write and arrange songs, build guitar and vocal melodies, harmonies and compose or improvise solos.
If you’re interested in taking your first 30 min free lesson with me or have some questions and concerns you want to discuss, simply contact me using a contact form at my website (Details/visit link here) or here at Online Teachers Directory (Contact author) and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible via e-mail. Once we set the time for your first lesson, we’ll exchange our Skype information and all you need to do is to wait for my call at the scheduled time.
Your first free lesson:
At the beginning we’ll just take a few minutes to set the sound, get to know each other, discuss your wishes and goals or eventual problems you have in your playing and then we can start with the lesson.
After your first free lesson:
Whenever you decide to continue learning with me, just e-mail me and we’ll arrange the payment method and the time for the next lesson.
For lesson prices and more video examples of my playing please visit my website.
For any additional questions, please, feel free to contact me using a contact form at my website (Details/Visit Link Here) or here (Contact Author).

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