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The Thinking Kid

The Thinking Kid is an online school for children. We offer courses in math, science, literature, humanities, history, French, Spanish, and more. If you are a parent keen on homeschooling your child, we provide you with the perfect platform for it. You can choose the curriculum along with the teachers who are the best in their chosen academic fields. Our faculty members are alumni of leading universities; available to nurture young minds. We also offer online clubs for children where they can learn about subjects such as fashion design, photography, filmmaking, and more beyond the standard curriculum learning. Our classes and activities are perfect for homeschooled children in the USA and even those living abroad. We supplement our curriculum with extra activities that you can engage with your kids at home based on your preferences such as read-aloud sessions with a related book to the curriculum or any other creative activity. We provide families with resources they need to fulfill state regulations about their homeschooled children’s progress. The students can interact with each other and engage in live classroom sessions. All communication with the faculty and the other students is transparent and parents can easily monitor the classes. Students and the teachers log in for the classes at the appointed time for a seamless learning experience. For more, visit &

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