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Social Skills Co

Social Skills Co. offers online training programs to social skills trainers and offers IACET CEUs to teachers who need CEUs. We offer mainly four programs: Children’s Social Skills Trainer Certification Program, Social Skills Trainer for Teens Certification Program, Communicate with Impact Trainer Certification Program Trainer Program and The Quintessential 21st Century Life Skills Trainer Certification. All of these programs are online based and can be completed by trainers from their computers, anytime and anywhere. The online programs can be started anytime and pursued at one’s own pace. The courses are expertly written, tested, and packed with content. In addition, an 8-week/1-hour-per-week classroom curriculum is included with each of our programs. The curriculum is easy to teach, fun and includes games, exercises and activities to make the learning process engaging and effective. After completion of each course, 4 CEUs will be offered to the social skills trainers enrolled in one of the above mentioned online programs. The CEUs (Continuing Education Units) offered by Social Skills Co. are accredited by IACET (International Association of Continuing Education Units). For more, visit and

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