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I am an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Teacher from the UK. I am passionate about helping people, both children and adults, learn English and feel comfortable reading, writing and speaking the language. I have taught English to large groups and in a 1:1 setting, in many different locations over the world (Thailand, France, England, The Philippines, Hong Kong).

I hold Undergraduate and Masters Degrees in French Literature and Language, which I received in London, England. I am also an accredited TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Teacher. Whilst training for this qualification, I received ‘Excellent’ in each of my teaching observations and over 95% in my grammar and phonetics exams.

Something I have learned over the years (from learning French as a foreign language) is that the best way to perfect and master a language is by speaking with natives. Of course, grammar and reading are incredibly important, but I firmly believe that conversation lessons are the key to success when learning a new language. With my lessons on Skype, you will have access to conversations with a native and begin to feel more comfortable and confident while speaking a second language.

As a teacher, my responsibility is to create a positive and fun learning environment where you feel comfortable using English and improving your language level. I ensure to do this with every student I teach and in every lesson I conduct.

Lessons are completely tailor-made to suit you; grammar, conversation, writing or anything else. Maybe you have a school speaking exam coming up? Or you have young children that would like to learn English online? Or maybe you have a business presentation at work? Perhaps you’d like to improve your English conversation skills to advance in your career? I teach any age and any level. Whatever your needs, I can help.

I’d love to help YOU improve your English!

Don’t hesitate to contact me regarding a quote, questions or general inquiries that you have. What are you waiting for? Let’s start your English Language journey TODAY!

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