Guitar Lessons in Los Angeles & Online with Vreny

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Guitar Lessons in Los Angeles & Online with Vreny

Hi Guitar Fans!

My name is Vreny and I’m a 20-year expert guitar teacher. I have been teaching guitar for more than 20 years and am able to bring not only all of that experience as a player and instructor but also I provide a Berklee School of Music education to my students.

Guitar Lessons in Los Angeles & Online

As far as how you can learn to play guitar… with our in-studio classes or live online guitar courses, you’ll find that our lessons are specifically tailored to each student. This is important because each student is unique in their posture, height, build and the way they hold a guitar and how they use their hand on the neck or to make chords.

In just your first lesson you’ll already learn how to play chords and will be able to play a song (at least one) and often our students walk out knowing three or more songs.

Not to mention, we will teach you some of the most popular chords that allow you to play thousands of songs!

Our instructors can also teach you how to read music, teach you music theory and even song-writing so that you can add your own personality and experiences to your music.

Our Online guitar classes are perfect for those who want to learn in the comfort of their own homes (and to avoid traffic!). They’re also ideal for folks who are outside of Los Angeles.

We teach many styles from Jazz and Blues to Rock, Funk, Folk and Classical.

We teach students of all ages from young kids to elders who have always wanted to learn how to play guitar.

Contact us today and try a lesson. You’ll find that you’re a natural!



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