Guitar, Keyboard / Piano, Violin, Ukulele & Recorder Lessons - in person or via SKYPE: Fun & Success with Qualified Experienced Teacher - All Ages and Abilities Welcome

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Guitar, Keyboard / Piano, Violin, Ukulele & Recorder Lessons - in person or via SKYPE: Fun & Success with Qualified Experienced Teacher - All Ages and Abilities Welcome

Have you always wanted to play an instrument, or wished you’d kept on with your lessons? 

*** It’s never too late! ***

Anyone can learn to play an instrument. All it takes is a little regular practise, access to music you enjoy, and effective guidance from a professional who tailors lessons to your needs. 

I am a friendly, enthusiastic and patient teacher, with over 35 years success in teaching and playing. I welcome students of all ages, all abilities and all levels.

I provide one-to-one tuition from my home (in Caerau, Maesteg) on weekdays and evenings. Play just for fun, or follow a more formal path. Learn at your own pace, take your playing in the direction you want, and enjoy a real sense of achievement as you progress.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced musician I can help you to develop your skills and enjoy making your own music.

I look forward to hearing from you!



Lessons are provided on a one-to-one basis from my home in Caerau, Maesteg, or via SKYPE

RGT Registered Tutor

Why choose me as your teacher?
In addition to the well-known advantages of learning any musical instrument (improved co-ordination, fine motor skills, problem solving skills, patience etc.) there are additional benefits to choosing an experienced and qualified teacher:

* Make continuous progress at your own rate – Lessons are tailored to your needs, gently moving you forward at a pace which is comfortable and right for you.

* Learn from a friendly, experienced, and qualified teacher – I am a graduate of the Royal College of Music and a qualified class teacher, with experience of teaching music and instruments at primary, secondary and adult education levels, in class, group and one-to-one tuition. With over 35 years of success in teaching you can rest assured you are in good hands.

* Play the kind of music you enjoy – Although originally classically trained, my tastes are varied and my approach is to teach a technique that will enable you to play whatever style of music you most enjoy. Once you have learned the basic techniques you choose the music you want to learn.

* Explore a wide range of musical styles – If you aren’t sure what style of music you prefer, or just want some variety, we can try music from a range styles and cultures – again, you choose!

* Develop skills that will enable you to play any music you want – You will learn a technique that is not specific to one particular style. Once you have learned the basics that technique can be applied to any style of music you want to explore.

* Have fun through success! – Everyone enjoys doing things they are good at. The skills I will teach you will ensure your continued success and enjoyment … providing you practise regularly!

About the lessons:
I teach essential technical skills that will provide a solid grounding in playing the instrument (for the Guitar the technique is variously known as acoustic / finger style / Spanish / classical etc. – N.B. not electric or playing with a pick). For all instruments this involves learning the basic notes and techniques relating to the instrument and will enable you to play whatever style of music you want – in fact many of the best rock and pop musicians trained this way!

All lessons cover:
* Reading music notation
* Right-hand and left-hand instrumental techniques
* Basic musical knowledge and understanding
* Correct positioning 
* How to practise effectively

Other (optional) elements include:
* Advanced instrumental techniques
* Music theory
* Ear training
* Preparation for more serious study (music examinations, G.C.S.E and A’ Levels etc.)

For complete beginners we will follow a specific course that is designed to introduce you to all the key techniques required to master the guitar. This will be supplemented with additional music as needed, giving you a truly individual and tailored approach.

For those who have mastered the basic techniques music will be chosen in consultation with you, based on the styles of music you prefer, the playing standard required and the technical elements that feature in the music. This may include:

* Published music of any style
* Music you enjoy from a CD, MP3, YouTube video etc. – I can transcribe and arrange them to suit your technical ability
* Folk and other song arrangements
* Accompaniments to songs you enjoy
* Performance preparation for GCSE and A’ Level examinations
* Preparation for graded examinations

The main aim is that your lessons are fun, you are motivated and inspired by the music, and that (with a little regular practise!) you continue to make steady progress.

About me:

I am a friendly, enthusiastic and patient teacher, with over 35 years success in teaching and playing. I welcome students of all ages, all abilities and all levels.

I have been playing musical instruments for most of my life, having come from a musical family, and have been teaching for over 35 years both in class, ensemble, small group and one-to-one situations.

I am a graduate of the Royal College of Music, one of the top institutions for music education in the country. Though my specialism was the classical guitar, I also studied the piano and violin, and was the first guitarist to be awarded the G.R.S.M.(hons.) degree. I have since delved into other styles (banjo tunes, jazz, rock, Celtic folk music, alternate tunings etc.) and other instruments (banjo, melodeon, small-pipes, ukulele, steel pans, flute, saxophone, etc.). I am also a qualified teacher (P.G.C.E. London University Institute of Education) and have held the post of Head of Music at both primary and secondary school level. I achieved a Master of the Arts degree (MA) at the University of Wales Trinity St David, with distinction. My thesis for this, which was awarded a First Class mark, was about the Bagpipe tradition during the Scottish Enlightenment.

As a musician I have performed throughout Britain and abroad: as a soloist, in a duo, as part of a small chamber group and in larger choirs and orchestras. I have also published a range of music repertoire and arranged music professionally for a varied range of instruments, for example Paul Brett’s ‘The Compleat Angler’ for 6- and 12-string guitar and chamber group (see YouTube), and my work has been published in respected music magazines such as ‘Melody Maker’. 

In addition to being active in the music world with arranging and publishing, I continue to perform, not only in formal musical ensembles but also in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of open mic venues. 

I have over 35 years success in music teaching, both on a one-to-one basis, in groups, and in a classroom situation. I was Head of Music at a senior school, then later made the transition to primary school teaching, where I was music co-ordinator across the whole school.

I have run numerous holiday workshops, conducted orchestras and choirs, written and published educational material, and managed and performed in professional music ensembles.

I have been providing music tuition online for 3 years, teaching guitar (classical, acoustic, fingerstyle), piano, violin, ukulele and music theory. I have a fully equipped music studio which is set up with everything needed to provide high quality interactive tuition via Skype, and students of all ages and abilities, from all over the world, benefit from tuition this way.

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