EXCELLENT DUTCH lessons,Amsterdam.A'veen.Skype.

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EXCELLENT DUTCH lessons,Amsterdam.A'veen.Skype.

Conversational skills on solid base of Pronunciation,Grammar and Spelling.

IDEAL FOR EXPATS through special learning methods. Excellent Dutch is ideal for expats,who,due to a busy (travelling/working) schedule, cannot keep the pace of a regular course and don’t have a lot of time for studying either. By the end of each class you will already have done quite some studying of Dutch, in a way that words and phrases are already stuck in your mind. Also Excellent Dutch’s lessons are so highly conversational, that by the end of each class you will have done a lot of practice already. Still taking lessons at Excellent Dutch is very affordable. 
Also for Inburgering/ citizenship and Staatsexamen .

New: “Purely Conversation” : on-line Dutch Conversation group.

Mondays 19.00-20.00,Thursdays 19.00-20.00 and Fridays 18.15 -19.15.
This course is strictly conversational and suitable for people that have a proficiency that is avarage up to advanced.
start: a.s.a.p with minimum of 3 participants.
duration: 4 weeks in a row , can be extended if desired.
costs: € 10,00 (total hours : 4). 
included : digital grammar files on all subjects concerning the items the participant has to work on for the next lesson. 
procedure: Excellent Dutch will do a little intake- test by telephone.
content of lesson: In the first 45 minutes you will only talk Dutch , with the teacher as “ conversation leader . In the last 15 minutes everyone will get comments and guidelines/ advice , concerning what to work on for the next session.

New: “ Skype Duo-lessons” : Learn Dutch as a couple.

Take Skype DUO lessons and learn Dutch together with your partner, family member, your friend ,your collegue, in your own living room .Try it in a FREE TRIAL LESSON.

You can book your lessons/ courses on 6 LOCATIONS IN AMSTERDAM, some of them free parking, and 2 locations in Amstelveen.

Book a TRIAL LESSON and see for your self: info@excellentdutch.nl, +31636122870, www.excellentdutch.nl

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