1-1 online Piano courses with Pianist Daniel Roberts

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1-1 online Piano courses with Pianist Daniel Roberts

Daniel loves to help Pianists around the world, who are at least an intermediate level, and are struggling technically, experience pains after practice, and need direction in their practice routine.  Piano lessons are conducted through Skype/Facetime on one to one basis.

Lessons are designed to help Pianists build their natural abilities to  a high level of playing. Daniel sincerely believes that any Pianist who is passionate and dedicated to put in the work, can obtain an excellent fluid technique for performances.

Daniel teaches based on the method of his mentor Professor Peter Feuchtwanger, who has help hundreds of Pianists develop a natural approach to playing, changing their old habits to prevent future physical ailments.

Also Daniel will work to develop good habits, and build up the right amount of tension required to play, and release the unnecessary tension, which causes pain.

This is done through a series of exercises, created by Peter Feuchtwanger, which provides you with the means to play Pieces free from physical strain, and more fluent musical expression.

Practice strategies will be provided to help you progress without feeling overwhelm, and giving  clarity, and self-belief to play any piece you desire.

Lessons are either 1 hour, or 45 minutes.

You can book a Free 30 minute skype consultation with Daniel, to discuss which pieces you´re working on, which pieces you dream of playing, and any technical, musical, and physical problems you are currently experiencing.

Book your call here: bit.ly/freepianocall

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