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Tracy Rose ALCM, online piano teacher, taking ‘Music Theory Club’ with a mix of online piano students and face-to-face piano students

First of all, thanks to everyone who responded to my last post about starting an online school.

It was great to see how much ideas and enthusiasm there is out there and also get some contacts in the bag. I’ll be putting some quality thinking and planning time into this when things quieten down in the summer and will review ways forward. And if you haven’t got in touch about it yet – please do!

For this post, I thought I’d tell you a bit more about myself and my professional background.

It’s funny how life takes us full circle sometimes – the neat linear patterns we put together for our CVs often don’t reflect our experiments, mistakes and luck. I find that in some ways I am back to where I started – as a piano teacher – though in a different country to where I started.

I started as a peripatetic piano teacher around Manchester (UK) while living on a narrowboat, working in secondary schools and even a secure unit.

Manchester City Council asked me to take over a music class in a secondary school classed as failing by Ofsted. My first peep at the class was not encouraging – the trainee teacher (shortly to depart) was ducking flying xylophone beaters while trying to coax out students hiding under tables. Being an experience junkie, I decided to take on the job which sometimes felt more like policing than teaching. I also spent some time teaching groups at a Yamaha School where it turned out I gained a lot of experience for my move abroad.

Together with my husband, I was frequently visiting Nerja in southern Spain, where my parents had an apartment. The two of us were tempted to make a life change, so I started offering workshops and music assemblies to schools in the area.

To my delight Almuñécar International School took me on as a secondary school music teacher.

I also gave music assemblies to the whole of primary – daunting at first but I quickly grew to love the job while still teaching piano students on the side.

After a few years there a fellow teacher and some of her friends had the ambitious idea of opening up a new school, and I was among the first few teachers at St George’s International School Málaga.

I built up an ‘after school music school’ offering lessons in almost every instrument you could name as well as organising concerts and guest performances. The class played everything from Bach to the Buzzcocks!

However, travelling from our country house in Orgiva was starting to take its toll and after 12 years as Head of Music, it was time to go back to teaching piano – this time, from home. I had what I thought was a brainwave, teaching piano over Skype, not realising that this was an emerging phenomenon. I tried out some classes and was amazed at how well it worked.

After some ups and downs setting up the business I now teach around 50 students a week from my glorious little farm in Las Alpujarras and although constantly busy I am loving it!

My website, MusicLessonsAnywhere.net

June 3, 2015