My name is Dmytro. I am a professional guitar player, guitar teacher and PhD (Philosophy Doctor) in Music Pedagogy. I have been teaching guitar since 1998, when I was a Musical College student. I have graduated from the National Music Academy of Ukraine on Guitar class, and received a BA degree. Then I entered the postgraduate course on music performing and performed a series of classical guitar solo concerts. I am always interested in mastering new and effective ways of learning and teaching guitar; that's why I decided to conduct my own scientific research on guitar teaching. Eventually I defended a dissertation on professional music (guitar) teaching and received a PhD degree in Music Pedagogy.

Being a professional guitar teacher, I'm always trying to do my best at providing highest quality of Guitar Lessons in Kyiv, striving to implement the world’s best practices and creative approach in teaching. This means learning to play guitar effectively and get pleasure and fun from it. I also offer Guitar Lessons on Skype. Visit my website!
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